Secret Garden is Now My New Addiction

Yay peeps... I'm back in kdrama Lala Land

So much of choices that left me undecided on which I would love to focus on especially after Playful Kiss. So Ding Ding Ding and we have a winner here... I have found my new drug to keep me addicted to Kdrama. It's Secret Garden, airing on SBS on Saturday-Sunday slot. Why?

Secret Garden

The Plot

Body swapping between lead characters, how can you say no to that? Although we've been told with the main plot quite early on but I just love the introduction of the characters leading to that body swapping twist. It was done quite subtly not just for the sake of introducing all characters in the show. The flow was just right and for the first time I feel so confident to say that this is one hell of a gem that I'm desperately seeking out in this year. After the disappointment of Coffee House and My Girlfriend is A Gumiho, I might say that this is promising to be the best Kdrama for the year. I'd hope I'm right. coz the feeling was so right and I even get shivers just by Hyun Bin's stare.

Kim Joo Won - Hyun Bin
What can I say? He's cold, he's rich, he's sarcastically funny, selfish and too into himself, yeah you could say he's the typical male lead character we found in Kdrama, but I have to stop you right there. He is the most interesting male lead character I have known so far coz not only he's a chaebol, but he comes with an excess bagage; a weirdly challengely fashion sense and total whacked-nut-job for his own fear and unusual taste in women. He's so interestingly to hate but love to adore. Especially when he keeps thinking about GRI and continue to fantasize about her; the most notable scene is when he was totally surprised when the hallucinated GRI talk to him back, I was laughing till I cry.

Gil Ra Im - Ha Ji Won
Wew... I never been so attracted to a female before in my life. Cool is not even a word to describe her. And I totally get why KJW is overly smitten by her presence. HJW is really an amazing actress. Not only she portrays the character to be so slick, cool and hi-chic but also girlish and vulnerable like any normal girl would be. I just love her.

My weekends would never been the same.

p/s : That sparkling tracksuit really makes me giggle each time. LOL all the way.


OMO OMO... A picture does say a thousand words, BUT THIS? It left me speechless...
Yet another couple stills which I'd kept as my wallies.... hehe
Countdown for today YT episode at 7.00pm Korean time...

Broadcast Episode Title

1. 2nd November (Tuesday) Morning of the newly wed!

2. 3rd Novermber (Wednesday) Fear of injection!

3. 4th November (Thursday) Making of Jr Baek Seung Jo!

4. 9th November (Tuesday) Baek Seung Jo is my hubby!

5. 10th November (Wednesday) Baek Seung Jo defending the patient!

6. 11th November (Thurdsday) Driving is difficult!

7. 16th November (Tuesday) Happy Birthday!

8. Special Footage 1 17th November (Wednesday)
- Special Edition Making Film & NG cut

9. Special Footage 2 18th November (Thursday)
- Special Edition Making Film & NG cut

Can't wait? Here is a trailer of what's to come ^^

Manic Monday...

Hi hi friends...

Just dropping by a while...
I'm having withdrawal symptoms of Playful Kiss... thankfully tomorrow its YT episode time... wakaka
So in the mean time here I go...
I also post my thoughts on Soompi thread.

My quick sum-up on PK vs ISWAK/TKA vs INK vs Anime
1. Anime is still the best series. PK comes in second. INK third and ISWAK/TKA would be last, sorry (>.<)
2. Jung So-Min plays the best Kotoko.
3. Takashi Kashiwabara plays the best Naoki. Sorry KHJ, u came in 3rd after Joe Cheng.
4. Superb casting is by far PK is the best. From main to supporting, all are eye-candy and great. Why? Keep reading.
5. The best mom is indeed PK. Not annoying just lovable to hate.
6. The best Yuuki is also PK. Cute like in anime.
7. The best Kinnosuke is again from PK. I never felt sympathy for this guy, yet in PK I do.
8. The best best-friend (Jinko and Satomi) yet again, must I say PK?
9. The best dads for both Naoki and Kotoko. Hmm actually its a tie. I like INK and PK.
10. The best Reiko, raise ur hands with me if u say PK. She is funny and likes to tease Oh Hani.
11. The best Sudou is of coz Mr 40. Haha I really like him. Funny hair flip.
12. The best house set-up, PK of coz. That window, it's really is something.
13. The best comedy. INK is over-the-top. Anime is cartoonish. ISWAK/TKA bleh. So I think PK is the best. The chicken hood? LOL
14. The most letdown scene - The scoreboard-exam revelation day. Come on! What?! A graph chart?!
15. The most heartfelt moment - The practice wedding walk by Oh Hani and dad.
16. The most meaningful moment - The swing scene between Joon-Gu and Oh Hani.
17. The most giddy moment - Too many to say in here, LOL
18. The most mixed feeling scene (love&hate) - Car kissing scene. Its too dark and I can't see them. Bleh...
19. The most hateful scene - The scoreboard. I still hate it, coz that's the essence of their relationship. The beginning.
20. The most loveable scene - When Oh Hani finds Baek Seung-jo waiting for her for their date. His look is full of love.
21. The best twist from manga - Baek Seung-jo kept looking at Oh Hani during their first breakfast. OMG that was HOT!!!
22. The most satisfying scene - The look on Baek Seung-jo after Oh Hani's kiss attack on their wedding day. LOL
23. The best episode? - I'd say Episode 15, keke... yeah bcoz of the wedding n honeymoon baby!
24. The worst episode? - I'd say the first. It fail to capture audience, if I was new to the INK franchise.
25. So I think it's best to say that PK is the best live-action adaptation. Anime just stay on-top of the crops coz it represent the whole essence from manga briefly.

Note : PK : Playful Kiss l ISWAK : It Started With A Kiss l TKA : They Kiss Again l INK : Itazura Na Kiss


Yay I'm Back...

It's good to be back...
I had a rough year and finally I can be online from day to day basis now... It's been a while since I've been here as I'd set my priority much more towards my responsibilty in real life than virtually. To those who know me for what I used to be, I'm no longer active as subbers but just being a fan... I wish I could but I have to put my feet on the ground just let it all be. It's time.

Currently I just enjoy whatever I can and just relaxed...

The A-Team - Super hillariously funny and OTP actions. My favourite moment is when they're trying to fly the tank. Its EPIC.
Predators - Awesome classic. Can't wait for it's sequel. Keke
Liar Game the Movie - I really loved it. A mind boggling of lies and deception. Totally awesome.

I'm more into watching dramas now and I'm watching K-drama Playful Kiss and J-Drama GM Odore Doctor. Both I really like and kind of addictive actually, LOL

Granado Espada (GE)
I'm playing a little GE, since I can afk (away-from-keyboard) and still playing. I'm playing under Rembrandt server under the name Desequilibrio (Imbalance in Spanish) familly. My family level currently is 35 consisting of 43 characters.

Masters - Bernelli, Grandice, Romina, Baihu
Experts - Emilia The Sage (ETS), Catherine Summoner, Catherine (STR)
Veterans - Fighter, Musketeer, Wizard, Elementalist, Scout, Edward, Adelina Esparanza, Lorch,
100 - Claude, Idge Imbruglia, Karjalaine, Viki, Angie, Andre, Emilia The Reckless (ETR) and Catherine (Torsche)
>100 - Adelina The Pirate (ATP) x 2, Soho The Wind (STW), Idge Battlesmith (IBS), Brunnie, Panfilo, Auch Infantry, Reboldeux Soldier, Coimbra Trooper, Gavin, Selva, Nar, Ania, Helena, Jack, Calyce, Claire, Irawan, Lisa,

And also I try to keep an update with what eito are doing and I see that they're doing great with new albums and even a MOVIE! Wow, that really threw me off the chart! Amazing, guys! Finally the spotlight has coming down on you! And what your longtime dream had finally come true. I can't wait to watch it with sub ^^

I finally settle means that I can juggle real life with my addiction to surf virtually here and there. Since now I have a stable connection, I'd rather say that my staying here is only a watcher and just being a fan. I wish I could do more with subbing and involved more in eitokickass but I need to be realistic and wouldn't want to burden others if I may get in their way.
so what

Another Subbing Story

Hi hi...
Yishhkkk.. Another hell of a week... juggling real life is no JOKE.. I'm seriously anti-auditor right now... I want to shoot them up.. hehehe I'm sick of having another audit after another.. sigh...

And now its management meeting for financial year...
Since I'm in HR, yes my life is a living hell...
Busy in appraisal and collection of data...

Anyway, with the recent event happening in eka, I got a little carried away and really angry towards the action of re-uploading to youtube. So, here's what I thought if I was in the culprit shoes.. just playing

Collapse )

Another GE story

Just want to share this amazing GE story.. well for me...
I was negotiating to trade my Mercenary Card worth (65-70 milion vis) for Sagitarius symbol and was checking out the price at MM (Market Manager)... And I was shocked to see one is sold @ 10 vis... I was like huh??? So I quickly bought the thing and now, yes, I have 2 sagi symbols....
One is for my Romina for expert Equites stance...
and the other is for emergency.. you'll never know when you might need extra vis... ahhahah I guess I was SO LUCKY to bought the thing which normally priced at 80million vis... I was really2 lucky...

Status : Currently levelling my main team now at level vet6

Romina - Grace - Emilia the Sage (ETS)

p/s : Now only need to get a hold of aqua symbol (worth 400million vis) .... for Grace of course...


Hi hi

Its been awhile... so what's new?

Yesterday watched my fav classic cartoon, Oliver & Company and AristoCats...
Yes, I'm a feline supporters... I even told my nieces to watch them with me...
and they loved it...
Oh, did I mention that I got myself a brand new LCD tv? Hoho...
It's only 32" but its quite big enough for me though... watching movies would never be the same...
It's like night and day ><

Got news that the factory will be shutdown for 1 week from 25 Dec until 3 Jan... I was sad because it would took my leave for next year since this year is nearly finish... but nonetheless I was looking forward to it (that means more time for me to do subbing and playing GE, hehehe)...
Sadly, as it turned out that, I'm, an administration staff is not included in the shutdown period. This is only for production staff... I was like... huhhh... So no shutdown for me T_T

Nothing new only that it's been weeks since I got it washed clean... Here is like raining everyday and I just thought why waste since it's going to rain tomorrow... but seriously I really need to wash it >< hahaha
And yes I have finally finish off my car-loan... YAY!!! No more RM400 to the bank... Yay!!! I'm richer

Currently levelling all my characters...
1. Romina, Grace & Emilia the Sage (Veteran All Lv 106)
2. Adelina, Wizard & Scout (Veteran Lv 103, 101,101)
3. Idge, Calyce & Soho (72,71,75)
4. Fighter, Musketeer & Elementalist (92,87,77)
5. Claude, Lorch & Catherine the Summoner (70,70,70)
6. BaiHu (Claire, Lisa) (60,0,0)
7. Brunnie (Andre & Panfilo) (70,0,0)
8. Coimbra Trooper (Auch Infantry & Reboldeux Soldier)(67,0,0)

Hehehehe busy as always but enjoying every minute...
ryo n pin

Huhu.. I miss my LJ


It's been a while... since I last visit my own LJ... yeah too long that I left my LJ empty and not updated... ><

Reasons that I could think of aside from my subbing works were;
1. The holidays and festivities really gets me occupied
2. My job really piled up near to the end of year... Audit this, Audit that... Audit everywhere...
3. Granado Espada - Online game that really glued me
4. Sent my laptop for repair (replaced fan and charger)

So it was nearly 2 weeks that I was laptopless and I realy find it hard to spend my time to do other stuffs...
And at that moment I realized... OMG I'm really an otaku... ><

p/s : One of my lovely niece was infected with lice in her hair.. Funny thing is upon hearing that suddenly my head was itching and I was scratching... BUT there was none actually.. It's a normal reaction I guess... As if you can feel that there were something crawling in your hair... FUNNY huh